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Ockanickon Scout Reservation - Washington Crossing.

Camp Ockanickon is approximately 240 acres in size and offers one of the largest merit badge programs in the Northeast Region with 80 badges offered at summer camp. The outdoor adventure program includes rock climbing at Ralph Stover State Park, sailing on nearby Lake Galena, mountain biking on Cannondale bikes, and riding on MBS mountain boards. Camp Ockanickon Summer Camp Forms. Updated 26-FEB-2020. All summer camp program forms will be updated periodically for the 2020 summer camp season. Some documents are still 2019 summer camp season forms, but they are good examples of the programs and opportunities we offer. BSA. Come out to Ockanickon Scout Reservation and enjoy the opportunity to shoot BB guns with other Cubs, Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts. Sorry Lion Cubs are not permitted Learn how to shoot from NRA Certified Instructors, BB Rangemasters and Coaches. Ockanickon Scout Reservation, Pipersville, Pennsylvania. 1.7K likes. Ockanickon Scout Reservation is the camp of the Washington Crossing Council. We offer a wide variety of program - for both Scouts.

Climbing Group Size: The BSA has provided very specific guidelines as to the number of climbers allowed at a time. Based on Ockanickon’s projected staff that group size will be 12. Campers taking either Climbing Merit Badge or Instructor Certification will be given priority while all. 06/09/35 · Chief Ockanickon was the Leni Lenapi Chief who accompanied William Penn as he scouted, surveyed, and took charge of this part of the English Colonies that was granted him and given his name, Penn's Woods, or Pennsylvania. It was in the Chief's honor that the Bucks County Council of the BSA established this camp. At Camp Ockanickon, our focus is on the individual growth and development of skills and talents distinctive to boys. Living in rustic cabins with boys their own age, Ocky campers learn cooperation, sharing, fair play and how to forge new, lasting. 06/09/35 · Ockanickon Scout Reservation offers one of the largest merit badge programs in the Northeast Region with more than 50 badges offered during every week of camp. The camp also has the first Boy Scout Science Center,which offers such hard to find badges as: atomic energy, chemistry,electricity, electronics and astronomy. At the suggestion of Mr. Edward Barnsley of Newtown and with much discussion, the camp was named Ockanickon to honor the Leni Lenape Indian Chief Ockanickon who was one of the conveyors of Bucks County land to William Penn in 1682. It was impossible to move the Kiwanis Craft Lodge to the new camp, so a replica building was designed to replace it.

Dan Beard is our 1st-year camper program for new Scouts. It is designed to give new Scouts an opportunity to earn a number of the rank requirements from Tenderfoot, 2 nd, and 1 st Class Ranks. It also gives the Scouts a chance to earn Art Merit Badge, and also cover Instructional Swim or Swimming Merit Badge, depending on their swimming ability at the beginning of the week. bsatroop1865. 06/01/31 · YMCA Camp Ockanickon Memories of Summer. YMCA Camp Ockanickon Summer Memories 2009 ockanickon. BSA Troop 444 - Summer Camp '09 @ Ockanickon - Duration.


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Washington Crossing Council serves Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Mercer County, New Jersey and Hunterdon County,. Ockanickon Scout Reservation. its air-conditioned dining hall, and the numerous awards it has received from the BSA National Office for excellence. Camp Ockanickon, owned and operated by Washington Crossing Council, BSA is approximately 240 acres in size and offers one of the largest merit badge programs. 01/09/35 · I hereby give permission for my sons to attend the BSA Troop 55 Summer Camp trip to Ockanickon June 22-28, 2014 and grant authority to the adult leadership of the troop to authorize the provision of medical care for my son as may be necessary. Parent signature: Date: Note: Entering your name in the above signature box constitutes an electronic signature.

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