• 10 Things to do After You Win the Lottery

    10 Things to do After You Win the Lottery

    Both jackpot lottery winners and people who don’t succeed with the lottery often dream about what they could do with the money. A lot of inspiration and ideas can come from the real lottery winning stories. Even those who don’t win the lottery are entertained about what they could do if they get really lucky and win the big jackpot. One thing that can be entertaining for millions of lottery losers and the few lottery jackpot winners is to look at the ten things you could do if you won the lottery.

    Don’t forget to pay the taxes!

    1. The first thing that can be done is to pay off every debt. Everything from credit cards to mortgages with 29 years left can be paid down completely with the proceeds from the lottery, especially if it is in the form of a lump sum payment. In many cases, the debt of family members can be paid off as well. The lottery ticket is an instant ticket to becoming debt free.

    2. The second thing that can be done is to buy a new house. As a lottery winner, there is no need to settle for less. Pick a really nice house in a good location in your community or anywhere else around the world. There are lot of great vacation homes to choose too. Many winners end up buying multiple homes.

    3. Another great idea for jackpot winners is to spend the money on a college education for young family members. This is a great gift to make it much easier for the young people of the family to succeed. This is one investment that can last for many generations.

    4. A fourth way to spend the jackpot proceeds is to give everyone in the family enough money to survive. For many people, they often go uninsured with regards to health insurance, which has become very expensive in the United States. Giving everyone in the money enough money for basic survival including health insurance is a great gift.

    5. A small, but important expense for many winners is to get a new car. This doesn’t mean getting the best Ferrari in the world. However, an upgrade to the premium class of a luxury vehicle make is a great way for the winner to treat himself or herself.

    6. Many winners have not taken a vacation in a long time. With lottery winnings, the money and the time off needed for a vacation is there.

    7. A lot of jackpot winners have found that the lottery has provided them with the opportunity to pursue new hobbies or to pursue hobbies in greater depth. For example, a recreational skier can become an expert skier with the money and freedom gained from the lottery.

    8. Upgrades to the house or the TV entertainment system is possible with a big lottery win.

    9. Investing in companies and other ventures is an option that many people take advantage of with their winnings. Winners should be careful about not putting too much of the money at risk. This is one of the ways that winners can become bankrupt.

    10. Finally, it is important to give back to the community which has probably given so much. A winner of the lottery jackpot should begin to do some philanthropy for the community as well as favorite causes. Also, those who go to the church should contribute to the tithe at a higher level as well.

    With the myriad of options to spend the money, there is a lot that a jackpot winner of the lottery can do.