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20/01/38 · Lt1 Stroker 383 Le2 head and cam 110lsa 24 x conversation Ls1 bcm 10.8 compression ratio. Using a 24x LS G3 PCM and ignition system with a 1994 or 1995 LT1 4L60E car usually meant you had to go into the transmission and swap out components to convert the 4L60E to 1996 specs. This often brought added confusion, labor and part cost to the LS PCM conversion for 1994/1995 LT auto vehicles. LT1 4L60e 24x Conversion Standalone Swap Harness for 1992-1997 5.7 engines with RPO Code LT1 Drive by Cable Mechanical Throttle Body. Shop BP Automotive!

EFI 24x™ Reluctors. Our EFI 24x™ crankshaft reluctors generate a 24x crankshaft signal that is commonly used with GM Gen III LS-Series PCMs. Also supported by many aftermarket ECUs. The EFI 24x™ line of products is the most popular solution we offer. EFI 24x™ 1993-1997 Camaro/Firebird. Genuine, EFI Connection built, engine wire harness assemblies for our EFI 24x™ conversions. Our 1993-1997 Camaro and Firebird plug-and-play engine harnesses are a direct replacement to the original LT1 engine wire harness when. 20/04/41 · If your Gen 2 LT1 has a 24x CKP Sensor, then the 2002 Express calibration will not operate the engine - as it uses a 4x CKP Sensor. If memory serves, the Express van Fuel Segment is often used in these conversions to allow the fuel level gauge to operate if using an OEM LT1 cluster. The 24x Gen 3 PCM meets this requirement and is a very capable PCM for even very high HP builds. It can deliver the tuning access you require and also run your LT1 better than the factory PCM. With tuning access you can unleash the full potential of your engine build/modifications. 30/08/36 · Hey guys, I like several others am trying to tune my '96 LT1 Camaro with a 24X EFI connection. I would like to start of list of things that need to be changed from an '01-'02 F-body tune. From what I've seen of the tunes posted, I think there are some things missing. This list will ignore obvious engine/cam specifics that should be set with a WB and focus on those things that are LS1 --> LT1.

TorqHead Limited was established in 2015 to bring to market a LS Series Gen III engine management solution for the GM LTx series engines. This product and component offering is now known as the 24X-Link. A new standard in performance and "plug and play" when it comes to adding Gen III LS PCM engine management to the Gen II LTx engines. TorqHead LTD products are for off-road use only. All prices listed on website or store are USD.

This EFI 24x™ kit is for use with any 1992-1997 LT1 engine and requires a 1996-1997 LT1 timing cover not included and single row timing set not included. Includes EFI 24x crank reluctor, 1x cam reluctor, crank position sensor and sensor shim kit, cam position sensor, cam sensor housing, and new LT1.

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