• Why So Many People Love Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

    Why So Many People Love Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

    You may see them every day that you shop at a local convenience store, grocery store or department store. You may hear about them in the newspaper or see stories about them on the news. There is a strong possibility that you may have even purchased several of them yourself in the past or had several of them given to you as a gift. What are they? Lottery scratch-off tickets!

    The Undeniable Element of Addiction

    There are so many people around the world that enjoy the mere thrill of having a chance to win a million dollars almost instantly, even if they only have a one out of a billion chance of winning. This burning desire is what has allowed the lottery to become so successful and widely popular throughout the world over the years.

    The idea that your entire life and financial status can change simply by scratching off specific areas of a specific ticket is exciting, captivating and highly addictive for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. People that are seriously addicted to this improbable hope will invest hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month in lottery scratch-off tickets and only receive a fraction of that money back in winnings (if they receive any winnings at all).

    Where did these cards come from? Even though it may seem as if more and more different varieties of lottery scratch-off tickets have been created in recent years, the basic concept of the lottery scratch-off ticket actually dates back to the mid-1970s.

    Understanding the History of These Tickets

    In a way to expand the lottery games that were already gaining exponential popularity on a global scale, the Scientific Games Corporation developed the basic concept of creating a different type of lottery game.

    They wanted to design a game where the players would not have to wait for random numbers to be called off later on that week or that month, holding their tickets up as they patiently wait with great expectations and high hopes of their numbers being called in the order that they were chosen. Instead, their newly designed game would allow the players to instantly be able to determine whether or not they were winners or losers.

    John Koza was the scientist that led the development team for this project that had the target objective of using computer technology to expand on the concept of implementing manual randomization techniques into the creation of an instant lottery game in 1974. This development work led to Astro-Med, Inc. receiving the US patent for the finalized instant lottery scratch-off ticket over 13 years later.

    How Does The System Work?

    You are probably already familiar with the way that lottery scratch-off tickets work, primarily because you more than likely have scratched several of them off before on your own in the past. However, there is an underlying method to the systematic madness that you may not be as familiar with when it comes to how this process works.

    The most basic scratch cards ask you to scratch off at least three different areas on the card that could be hiding different things such as numbers, shapes and symbols. The objective of the game is to match a series of those hidden numbers without having to scratch any of the other areas on the card in order for you to win the prize that is being offered.

    This basic concept has been overcomplicated in many different ways over the years to keep players engaged, excited and on the edge each time that they play them. You can win several hundred, thousand or even million dollars simply by scratching off the right areas. Why are these cards so addictive?

    More Addictive to Picking Lottery Numbers

    Lottery scratch-off tickets are much more addictive than having to buy an actual lottery ticket, choose your own series of numbers and wait with your fingers crossed. Their addiction is primarily based on the fact that you do not have to wait long at all.

    All that you have to wait for is the debris and residue to be wiped away from the areas that have been scratched so that you can clearly see if you have won or not. If you like what you see, then that is great but if you do not, all that you have to do is buy and scratch another ticket. Millions and billions of dollars that are made through these lottery scratch-off tickets is directly generated from the millions and billions of people that buy them.